Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 02nd Of October 2010

Shane French /

October 2, 2010

Hey all,

I am just uploading a movie onto youtube of the morning I had with my kids on a River near Taupo. If you click the “Video” Button on my web site it should show you how we got on this morning.

All the Taupo Rivers apart from the Waitahanui, (and even that is high and coloured) are un fishable today. The Tongariro is saying it is at 50Cms but that is BS as it looked like it was in flood when I passed over it at 10.00am today. I doubt it will be fishable until Monday!!! The Tauranga Taupo is a bloody brown mess and everything in between the same. Even the Hinemaiaia has WAY to much colour and volume to fish. Soooooooo I went further afield!!

I have been looking at a piece of water for about a month now, drooling at the thought of getting in here early in the season and trying it out. Well today was the day. It is easy access and so I gave Lesley the morning off and took my two girls with Steven and myself. I rigged up while Steven was giving Alana and Rylie instructions on not to go near the water edge and before he could get the video out I had cast my first drift into the back country waters for the season. half way through the drift the indicator tore under and I was into a great looking Jack. This would have gone just under five pounds but considering the winter we have had, it was in excellent condition.

We then dropped back down the river a little way and fished a beautiful deep run, (well I did anyway) the girls were busy throwing stones at Steven’s feet. On my third drift through I saw the indicator dip and on striking was into an awesome fish, this actually hurt my arm on the strike. After a good fight of about ten minutes I managed to guide it to the bank and lift it up. As I didn’t have my net with me, (Lesley had taken it from the car, sigh) I couldn’t make an accurate weight, but I am sure it was about 7.5 pounds, being thick down the back and very long. By March this trout will be almost double figures!!!!

Now you might be asking how did he manage to find water fishable after all this rain, well, the answer is I have heaps of water available to me and I can normally get you out onto good water in any weather condition. If you are interested in catching trout like the ones in the video then contact me and we will go out and slay them. You might even learn one or two things while we are out there, hell I might too, that’s what it is all about!!

Tight lines

Regards Shane