Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 03 October 2007

Shane French /

October 3, 2007

Hey all,

Turangi bathed in a rainbow.Wow have we had some wild weather in this part of the country over the past 24 hours. Heavy rain last night saw the Tauranga Taupo jump to .800 before starting to drop again, the Tongariro was also difficult to fish with extra water, the wind that tore through there today didn’t help matters either. Both the Waitahanui and the Hinemaiaia were in excellent condition with extra water and colour. we had sleet here at one stage this afternoon with extremely strong Westerly winds.

the Parade on the WaitahanuiThis morning I was up early and fished the lower and middle section of the Waitahanui river with Brendon. We were VERY surprised and somewhat amazed to find few fresh run fish in the lower section. I thought there would be HEAPS. We picked up 5 between us but the action was not fast and furious. I kept one small Hen that Brendon gave me heaps about but I haven’t taken fish for some time now and it was fat through its back. The middle section looked like it was going to hold some fish as we spooked a few in this section. I couldn’t believe it either we never saw another person on the river the whole time we wereƂ there.

The Tauranga Taupo with extra volumeFrom there I drove down to have a look at the Tauranga Taupo. I new it would be high but thought I might get something anyway. There were three cars there when I pulled up at 11.20. I fished almost up to the rock wall but found the water too heavy and even failed to pick something up in the quieter water. It rained hard while I was up there and at one stage I was sure there was snow!

On my way back I stopped at the Hinemaiaia and had a quick flick dropping a nice fish in some fast water but that was it. There was only one car there as well.

If we don’t get too much more rain and the TT drops, it will be a nice place to take a walk tomorrow with a fly rod.

Regards Shane