Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 03rd Of December 2009

Shane French /

December 3, 2009

Track, What Track!!

Track, What Track!!

Hey All,

I have mangaed to get out twice this week and fish a couple of the Taupo Tribs.

I hit the Hinemaiaia at 5.00PM Tuesday night for a few hours. Hopefully most of you realise that the section above the SH1 Bridge is now open. In previous years, I have had some brilliant Nymphing in the first two weeks of December, in the Hine.

Spent, ugly from the upper Hine

Spent, ugly from the upper Hine

Now I know I went in late on opening day and so the pools probaly would have been worked over, but in my opinion the Hine was lacking trout! When I did get onto them, they were in small numbers and in fairly spent condition. I would love to hear how other anglers have found this first few days. I will do a “”hell”” recce next week to get a better opinion.

The water level was up by the time I got there and the plan was to do the water supply beat, however when I got to the car park, someone was camping there and didn’t look too pleased to see me, so I changed my plan a little! I still got to fish a good section of water through here and I didn’t see too many footsteps, or tire marks!

The Hinemaiaia has changed up there in the past six months, some of those crossings are no longer available, especially if the water level is up!There are some spectacular runs and deep pools, to be fished, set in unbelievable scenery.

pc010018I was using a backwater set up, (light Nymphing rig) a Smoots Bloody Marie, (red) and the good old Prince nymph, both of these are from Feather Merchants and they are killers! I had this attached to my Temple Fork Outfitters,Axiom 5#. This is loaded with a 6# line. Being the AWESOME rod the Axiom is, it picks this line up off the water like a breeze and with the extra disstance you get with the heavier line, it makes for an excellent Nymphing set up. I love it!!

All up I think I landed 8 trout, all had been in the river for a very long time. Still it was bloody nice to be out there!

Yesterday I drove down to the Waimarino. The water level had come up on the TT and then dropped quickly to a fishable state . I almost stopped at the TT as the car park was empty and this was at 9.45 am. Anyway I had a plan and stuck to it.

The Waimarino is a snaggy, tricky river to fish and unless you know its secrets it can be a hard, expensive day out for you. The track going in off  SH1 is now hideous and scary!! I wondered with the extra water,  if there might have been a late run of freshies go through. I was pretty sure that it would be flushing some older trout back down anyway! The plan was to get to the winter limit, see how I felt and then either come home, or go above the winter limit. Its a bloody long walk back to the car! I need to build my river legs back up and getting out there pushing yourself is the only way to do it.

pc010022I walked in between the pools I knew would be holding, if fresh trout were in there. By moving quickly like this I got into the upper reaches fairly fast. When I fished a piece of water, I really fished it, changing Nymph pattern, leader length and weight. The water level was indeed up and the extra flow was apparent! I almost made it to the winter limit but as at that stage I had not even had a touch, so decided to head back!! I was really surprised that I didn’t get onto some trout as the conditions were perfect. This does seem to be an early spawning system and so maybe it had emptied out!!

There was one other set of foot prints up there but it looked a day or so old and probably was from opening day, ( Paul the sly fox)!! Its a big walk in and out of there, without parking at Korohe Pa, however good numbers of trout are said to be up there. The river in this section is said to be quite yummy too! It is on my Tick List.

I see Ross, (Tongariro River Motel) finally had a spazz at me, over the killing of all the beautiful pine trees at the Poutu Pool. The deal is that these pines,( that have been there longer than Ross or most of his Muffins have fished) were poisoned by the Muffin brigade! The once majestic view of these old man pines, that you got from the true right above Boulder reach, has been obliterated. This all happened because a few people decided for the vast majority, that pines weren’t native and so had to go. FYI Ross, Trout aren’t native either and in fact when they were introduced, wiped out the entire Kokopu species in the lake!! Once these HUGE dying trees start to break up, I wouldn’t want to walk that track on a windy day. The final picture of the day is dedicated to Ross and his jolly band of Muffins!!

Regards Shane

ahhh the perfect view huh Ross

ahhh the perfect view huh Ross