Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 04 July 2008

Shane French /

July 4, 2008

Hey All,

OUCH!!!! When casts go wrong. This tuff as angler walked into my shop tonight to drop off some hired waders and asked if I could remove the size 8 Glo Bug from his head!!! It had happened a few hours earlier but because the fishing on the Tongariro was so good he decided to keep going. After sterilizing my fish hook remover and deciding what angle the hook had gone in at I clamped them on, then with a quick, strong flick of the wrist pulled it out. I checked the barb to make sure it was still there, dressed it and viola good to go. I had to get a photo though, ouch!!

I fished the Hinemaiaia this afternoon, it was hard!! really good conditions, the water level is right up and there is near perfect colour as well. I pulled two from the bridge pool and dropped one further down but that was it. All other anglers at the time had been skunked so I felt lucky.

The Waitahanui had a good run go through yesterday afternoon. I hooked into a few lower down yesterday but over walked the run and got into a barren area of the river. If this happens then make the decision and move, unless you are just enjoying the whole peace and nature bit.

The Tauranga Taupo is high and un fishable. There were a few die hards in the car park today though. If you fish the correct water with the right gear then you will still pick up fish. It was running at .07 though and that means all river crossings are out.

As I mentioned the Tongariro has fish in there and they are hungry for Glo Bugs, if you can keep them out of your head!!

We have heavy rain at the moment and so check those river levels or ring the shop here for a better update of what is going on.

Be safe on the roads.

Regards Shane