Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 04th Of March 2008

Shane French /

March 4, 2008

Hey all

Steven on the HinemaiaiaI fished the Hinemaiaia with my son Saturday, just before the rain started. He picked up this great little two pounder that gave one of the best fights pound for pound for a Trout that I have ever seen. Steven did a fantastic job of keeping the rod tip high and letting the reel do the breaking for him. Too many times I see anglers trying to hold a trout as it tears off downstream, once busted off they get this bemused look of “what did I do wrong”. These little hard scrapers are great practice for the bigger fish to come.

Yesterday I had a free afternoon up my sleeve, (or so I thought)Â and as the wind was blowing a gale, South Easterly I decided to fish the Waitahanui. Even this sheltered river in the Taupo systems was being blown to pieces and made accurate casting almost impossible at times. I decided because of this to use my standard Winter rig, just toned down a little and with a VERY small indicator, even then it was blown around!

One of six landed, all freshIts funny how so many anglers out there, (normally from the Tongariro) love to rubbish the good old Waitahanui and refere to it as the puddle or creek, up until THEIR river floods or is wind swept. They then come rumbling down in their hoards to the one piece of water still fishable. Interesting to note that most of them were walking around the river with long faces complaining about the lack of fish in this great river. Man there are fish galore in there, you had to be blind not to see them. I counted twenty six from the Bridge up to School Masters, most of those were good fresh fish.

Good Brown taken on the WaitahanuiI hooked and landed six of these all on a size 14 Hot Wired Prince in gun metal blue from Feather Merchants. I had this working in combo with the little black Nymph, (nicknamed by one client as Black Beauty). Great looking combination of flies, or so the Trout thought. I dropped a very good Brown while trying to net it in some crappy water and was rewarded with one of the flies snapping back and lodging in my forehead, (hate that). I then picked up this very good Brown that had me chasing it down stream for fifty meters.This was fresh as a daisy and in great condition.

At this stage my cell phone went off and Lesley asked me if I wanted a guiding job for late afternoon. Ummm fishing for myself in a river full of good fish or taking a group of Americans out who had not fly fished and in windy conditions, what a difficult decision. It was at this stage she told me that she had already said yes I would take the job!!!#$%#@. Sob Sob. The guys were actually a pleasure to be with and we landed four nice fish over the afternoon. I may start talking to Lesley in a few days!

If you are going to fish the Waitahanui don’t expect to catch them using Tongariro bombs, indicators the size of tea cups and for Gods sake don’t splash into the water like an iron man. The Waitahanui is a little more delicate than that.

Regards Shane