Lake Taupo trout Fishing Report For The 05th Of February 2008

Shane French /

February 5, 2008

Hey all,

I have spent the last couple of days fishing the Taupo rivers. There are some amazing Trout in our river systems at the moment and if you are traveling through Taupo, should make the most of it. In the past two days I have seen well over 200 Trout and some of these are plain HUGE!!!!

dscf2541_final.JPGThe Tongariro has fish in most sections in good numbers. I fished light yesterday to start with and then decided to add some weight, as soon as I did “wham” I was into fish. The killer rig was a size 14 GB black nymph for the dropper and a size 14 Prince Nymph for the point fly. It looked good in the water as well! I was blown away by the amount of Trout under the bridge, there were some very fresh rainbows down there.

dscf2545_final.JPGI fished the Tauranga Taupo this morning. I dropped in low and walked the river. Very few trout through the section up to the rock wall. I did come across a huge rainbow of around 8 to 10 pounds just sitting in shallow fast water. It was FAT and had good girth to it. On my first drift, (long leader, tiny Nymphs and piss arse indicator) it moved over and had a look then hung there waiting for my next drift. I actually thought I might catch this beauty! On my second drift through a 10 inch fingerling snatched the point fly and proceeded to leap all over the water. It was dragged in fast, growled at fiercely and released. By this stage my target had scampered.  Damn good fish though!!!!!!! The river has gone through a few changes and there is some great water just ready to fill up with silver trout come winter.

dscf2552_final.JPGFrom there I shot down to the Poutu. I have always looked at this river as I passed over and promised to fish it one day. There is some fantastic water in this small stream but hard wading and very tight casting at times would not suit many anglers. I walked for some way upstream and only spooked one fish. I will return when the runs start.

Tight lines to all.