Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 06 July 2008

Shane French /

July 6, 2008

Hey All,

Oh my God it is cold here. There is snow on all the hills and the Southerly is BITTER!!! Just what we want.

dscf3628.JPGThe Waitahanui got a bashing again over the weekend with the other rivers being high. I haven’t had any reports in from any of these rivers so will have to keep to the good old Waitahanui for this one.

I guided yesterday and had a really good half day. Both my clients had never picked up a fly rod so their expectations were not high for catching trout. The main aim was to get their skill levels up to a point where they could go out today and have some fun.

dscf3629.JPGSerena and Richard from Auckland both picked up the water load fast, and both mended like they had been doing it for years. All I had to do was put them onto the trout. There were plenty of anglers walking around without fish yesterday and looking at the rigs they were using most of them needed a little more weight to get down. The Waitahanui is flowing strong at the moment with a little colour in it. I was using size 10 Glo Bugs and these work under the conditions we faced. The more I guide the more I believe mending and weight are the key to success, especially on the Waitahanui!

dscf3630.JPGThe Trout were not huge but they fought well and were silver and fresh. All our fish were put back yesterday! What really pleased me was the fact Richard then went out this morning and hooked a ‘Beauty’ all by himself. Actually the fish he landed yesterday was by himself as well. I had taken Serena to another pool and heard his very manly scream that he had hooked up. By the time I got to him it was beached. Good work dude!

The conditions are ripe for running fish and with the rain clearing these dropping rivers will be FULL!! get here and have some fun.

Regards Shane