Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 06 of may 2008

Shane French /

May 6, 2008

Hey all,

Good to see the rain again, it has come at the last possible moment for the lake to fill but has been present for weeks now and all the rivers have run higher due to it.

I have fished the Waitahanui and the Hinemaiaia over the past three days, doing different sections on each river. I have been skunked a few times as well!

The Hine rip has formed out to the true right and although it is running into deep water there, I feel it might be slowing the running trout down slightly. I like any rip to be flowing straight out, fanning the colder water as it goes, the fish come from deeper out and they need to be attracted! I landed a nice Jack of four pounds out of here last week that was SO active!

Hmmm the Waitahanui. The fish that I have landed from here have been outstanding this year. I took a 4.5 pound Hen yesterday in the lower reaches that was FAT! She had tiny eggs and was just all muscle and meat. A little hard to get onto and with the conditions we have had, I thought a few more in the river would have made sense. I’m keeping an eye on the Waitahanui this year for fish numbers! One thing is for sure this river gets too much attention when the others are blown out, fish get ultra spooky!

Yesterday i went and had a look at the Tauranga Taupo and the Tongariro. On the links page of this web site, there is one to the Environment Waikato site that records river levels. It lets you see how much water is in the major rivers and lets you decide if they are fishable or not. Anything above .600Â on the TT is dangerous for crossings and you need to watch things closely for rising water. I have watched this river rise alarmingly while being on the wrong side, reels were wound in promptly and the river crossing we had to navigate was way more difficult to ford.

Both these rivers were unfishable however the Tongariro looked like it may be a wet liners paradise later this afternoon.

We have 84 members on the Forum guys, and only three of you to date have had a say about Didymo! I’m a little surprised at this and it shows just how apathetic the public are on this. If the actual fishing public can’t try to motivate the government then we are certainly going to get Didymo into the North Island. I have asked you to put down your comments, (Bloody anything guys!!) and try to raise awareness to this HUGE threat. If i know that people are behind me on this then I will push further and harder. Just show some concern for yours and your children’s fishery and General New Zealand way of life. This has the potential to do so much harm.

Regards Shane