Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 06th Of December 2007

Shane French /

December 5, 2007

Hey all,

We are so lucky at the moment, all of the rivers have large numbers of fish throughout them.

Heaps of these about.I had an honest report in from the Tongariro early this week that a huge run of good fish had entered, stuck around the lower section and has now moved up above the SH1 bridge. Some of these fish were 7 to 8 pounds and in cracking condition. There are a heap of mending fish in there as well to make the indicator pop under.

I love this type of waterLikewise the Tauranga Taupo and although the upper section has had a bashing there are still good numbers of trout through the river. We are about to get a good dousing of rain and it will be interesting to go in afterwards and see if there are any freshies hanging around.

a few fresher ones at times as wellI have just come back from the upper Hinemaiaia. There are plenty of mending fish above the road bridge all around that 3.5 to 4 pound mark. I was surprised at how hard these little buggers fought. I did very well on the flash back Pheasant tail today in size 16. It is great to be able to fish this section again, the beauty of the place is outstanding. a fair bit of pressure on this water at the moment though and I am sure it will get a flogging this weekend. water conditions are low and clear.

Thanks for all the emails concerning the Hu Hu bug that I put up early this week. Cool little fellow he was but very sticky feet!

Take care out there, the roads will be wet and slippery.

Regards Shane