Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 07th Of August 2008

Shane French /

August 7, 2008

Hey All,

Took this photo of the Waitahanui Rip this morning, you can see how much of the straight has disappeared.

I then did a short beat on the middle section of the Waitahanui river. The colour has come down and I would almost put it at perfect. The volume is still up there though. I am having a little bit of trouble staying connected to good fish at the moment as I dropped a nice Jack just down from the Crescent. I then dropped the Hen it was swimming with! I need to concentrate on not striking too hard specially with this SAS as I think I may be setting the hook and pulling it through at the same time. I hate it when you have to think!

There are certainly some good Trout in this river, if you are not getting onto them then try something different. Do you have enough weight on, too much weigh, too longer leader, so on. I found today that the size 10 Champagne Red Dot did the trick for me, but due to the colour of the water don’t be afraid to go a little darker in main body size. Dark orange is a good choice.

All the rivers are becoming fishable after all the rain and so this weekend would be a good one to come here and have a flick. Weather wise, hmmm we have a beautiful day today with no wind and that big orange thing burning down, however we are due a little more rain late tomorrow and on Saturday as well. Please feel free to ring before you make that decision to travel just in case the rivers are blown out again.

Be safe.

Regards Shane

PS. Sorry guys I can’t seem to post a pic today due to the change over of servers, will get it on tomorrow I hope.