Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 07th Of October 2010

Shane French /

October 7, 2010

Hey all,
And the fun continues!

I guided on Monday and didn’t exactly have the best start to summer guiding. The access in by 4WD was a nightmare, (and I had checked it out earlier in the week) plus when we did get down to the river it was a raging freaking mess!!!I spoke to a local and he assured me there had been very little rain in the area and so the only thing I can come up with is there must have been a crap load of rain in the mountain range above it. Once we sorted all the issues out with the 4WD I kicked plan B into action and a short drive saw us fishing a special little river loaded with browns. This too has seen some huge volumes of water over the past few months and in my opinion it had pushed a good majority of these fish right downstream. We still manged to get into double figure hook ups with some pretty little browns landed but the big ones eluded us on Monday.

I was rung up on Tuesday by Malcolm who now runs the fishing side of Taupo Quad bikes. He wanted me to check out a possible beat for when the water is high on the Whanganui. Always up for a quad bike trip/fish/good look around I jumped at the opportunity. There have been some Massive slips on and around the 42nd traverse and some of the access points have been taken out, so we needed to put in the hours to suss it all out. The trip in was awesome with river crossings, mud hills and general good fun stuff. We got to the place where we wanted to start the beat and dropped down a bluff. The water was high but not too colored up, in fact apart from the extra flow it was damn near perfect. I rigged Malcolm up with my 5# and got him to cast into a sexy looking back eddy. The indicator shot down, he struck and all hell broke loose on the other end. If you haven’t played a 6 pound back country stroppy trout before on a 5# fly rod, then quite frankly you are missing some huge excitement. After a really good battle I scooped it up in the net and smiles began. Honestly these fish would leave a Taupo trout for dead! Then the ordeal began. The water was way to high to do any crossings and so we had to scramble back up the bluff, (pant pant) and quad it to the next spot. Once again this section was raging and although we hooked one and landed one it was way to tough even for me, and I love hard wading! We got back onto the quads and checked out some slips that have occurred then bailed for home. The beat will be awesome when the water drops and by the look of things the wild weather has not effected the condition of trout in this river and its tribs. All the fish I have landed so far this season have been solid and well conditioned.

Regards Shane