Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 07th of September 2008

Shane French /

September 7, 2008

Hey All,

dscn2064.JPGI guided this morning on the Waitahanui. The Australian couple had very little experience but were keen to hook up, they also wanted piece and quiet with a superb setting. First choice was always going to be the Waitahanui!

dscf0004.JPGThey arrived at the Lodge just before eight this morning and we were walking into Totara Bridge bang on eight. Tom was first up and although it took a little for him to fire out the Water-load his mending and line control was spot on. We worked on the Load and before too long he was doing everything VERY well. I placed him in the lower pool of Totara and proceeded to give Kelly tuition. Wow I have never seen anyone take to it like this Aussie. I was really blown away with how she picked it all up.

From there we moved up river. Both of them very impressed with the beauty this river has to offer. On a day like today just being out there was enough, well almost anyway!

Our first fish came from Snag. Tom put a great first cast up into the top, did a very sweet downstream mend to keep the drift going and struck fast when the indicator tore under. The Hen would have gone just over three pound, Tom released it before my camera went off! Yes smile Wayne Goodkin.

dscf3864.JPGA few pools up I took Kelly and waded across the river to a pool that quite often holds fish in the morning. On our third or fourth drift the indicator went under, Kelly struck and all hell broke loose. This was a deep fighting fish that powered across the river a few times. ‘Let it run, let it run”could be heard bouncing off the trees for miles around us, as Kelly fought the urge to lock down and be smashed off . Out of the two of us I don’t know who was more happy when it came to the net.  That one felt good guys!!

dscf3868.JPGOur morning was coming to an end and so we ducked into a nice little bend with a deep pool that has improved over the past 12 months. The snag that was in there has washed out and the drift is clean. I had Tom using a wee bit of weight due to the depth but wondered if he was to deep. Before I could alter the weight he over cast and snaged the bank on the far side, busting us off. It was time to go but I hate ending a session on a negative note so I grabbed the second rod off Kelly, dropped the weight down and he let fly. First drift and you guessed it, under went the indicator. Now this picture does not do the fish justice when it came to the fight. Tom fought this little scrapper for about ten minutes, netting it was no picnic either!!!!

A great morning, not a heap of fish but enough to keep the spirits up and it was a pleasure watching new comers to the sport enjoy it so much.