Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 08 July 2008

Shane French /

July 8, 2008

Hey All,

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, glad I’m not a brass monkey!

dscf3640.JPGYesterday I guided on the Waitahanui. Wow was it hard going, I don’t think we had a touch for the 4 hours on there. I would have moved to another river but my clients wanted to fish the Waitahanui and see the pools. It was empty in the lower and middle sections. There are fish in the upper pools and if you are going to fish the Waitahanui this is where I would put the time in. Even then it is hard going.

dscf3643.JPGlater in the day I took my son Steven to the Hinemaiaia for a look. It too was empty when we got there, all the anglers were grumbling about the lack of trout. I quickly made the decision to move down to the lower section of the Tauranga Taupo. The flow was perfect and we picked up fish immediately. These are not huge but very silver and fat.

dscf3645.JPGToday we did the TT and the Tongariro. Heaps of fish in both these systems. They are little clones, all of them being around the 3 pound mark but fat and red fleshed, very nice eating trout. All were taken on Champ red dot Glo Bugs.

The SAS Kilwell rod I am trying out did a fantastic job on the Tongariro. I deliberately loaded it up with HEAPS of weight and a big indicator. It handled it with ease. Likewise on the TT it was a dream, very sensitive to the mend and light enough to fish with all day. The stopping power of this rod when hooked into a fighting trout is awesome.

Regards Shane