Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 08th Of April 2008

Shane French /

April 8, 2008

Hey all,

I took my family away for a long needed holiday last week up to the Coromandel and so I will give a very short plug for that area before I start my Taupo report. I know this gets attention from readers outside of New Zealand and some of you might be interested in this area. Great sea fishing with plenty of charter boats to choose from all reasonably priced per person, ($50 to $65). The locals are warm and inviting, the accommodation is of excellent quality and there are houses to rent if you are a family. There is a huge abundance of snorkeling and diving opportunities and it has to be the rock fishing capital of the world. A short 35 minute drive over the hill sees you in Whitianga where the beaches are white and surf casting is fabulous. We had a brilliant time only ruined by the fact that once again Lesley out fished me on a boat. I now see why woman are sometimes not allowed on boats!! I fully recommend this great part of New Zealand to any overseas guests out there and to all Kiwi’s wanting to get away from it all.

I guided yesterday and although I have some great photos of fish caught, I seem to have miss placed them on the computer. Once old sleepy head rises I will get her to track them down for me. We started off in the Waitahanui and although the lower section was not holding too many trout we managed to find a couple that were feeding on the surface. Craig from Aussie did a great job of casting up a Royal Wolf that immediately got the attention of this very active fresh run fish. It ‘s nose came right out of the water and nudged the fly then turned and went back to its lie. We waited a few minutes, changing down in size and tried again, same thing happened. This fish was taking VERY small insects off the water and I was lucky that Craig had #18 Black gnat’s in his box, ( these Aussies come prepared for everything) I tied one on and Craig flicked it up with great skill. The trout moved over to it, rose and engulfed it. One Mississippi and then a lifting of the rod tip saw a clean hook. I have never had a fish take such a small dry fly and was very aware that the fight might be short lived! I almost had a chance to get the net under it but wanted to make sure of it, at this point the hook pulled. This was excellent fun anyway and a great way to start the day.

Almost five pounds of Hine JackThe next river was the Hinemaiaia and we worked a section that has been kind to me all summer. Mandy had never picked up a fly rod before and with a little coaching soon had the water load and mend going well. I put her in a nice little run and while Craig watched she very confidently placed the Nymphs up stream. Half way down the indicator shot under and with a fairly loud scream from both hubby and I, she struck! Wow talk about beginners luck, the trout kept low in the water and although i could tell it was a good fish I had no idea of the quality involved. Plenty of advice was then given to poor Mandy on landing a trout, that was in a tricky river and seemed to have an abundant amount of energy. She kept good pressure on it but released the reel whenever it made one of those vicious startling runs. Now it was up to me and the net! Man that is a great feeling when a clients trout is safely in the net, you look up and the smile on their face says it all. This Jack almost went 5 pounds but was in beautiful condition, fat all the way down to its tail and in great spawning colours. Craig and Mandy wanted a fish to smoke and so this got the last rites.

The Tauranga Taupo needs water as much as the Lake and so we Bi- passed this trickle and headed to the Tongariro. Pressure pressure every where. There are obviously trout in here as the reports are confirming and if you like the company of other anglers then all is good, but bloody hell!!!!!

We need rain for the Lake and for the Tauranga Taupo but it seems the other three rivers in the area are doing ok. This week is going to be another dry one as a high spreads itself over the country. I just hope that when we get it it isn’t a flood!!

Good to be back.

Regards Shane