Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 08th Of January 2010

Shane French /

January 8, 2010

Top end of the Tauranga Taupo

Top end of the Tauranga Taupo

Hey all,

This is a killer!!!

This is a killer!!!

We have a little bit of rain and the wind is cold today. It will definitely halt any evening hatches! This has been somewhat of a stop start thing on most of the rivers as the wind has cooled things down in the evening. If you are lucky enough to strike it right, the action has been very good. I am taking trout everywhere on this little beauty of a Nymph. I got this one from Taupo Rod and Tackle, (on the corner, lake front). The guys who are making these little gems really know what attracts a Rainbow and you NEED a few of these in your tackle box!!

If you are a regular reader of my reports then you will have heard me mention once or twice about a tick list that I believe trout fisherman should have. It can be as long or as short as you like. On mine, ( for some time now) has been the upper Tauranga Taupo, accessed by Kiko road. I have heard it is similar to the upper reaches of the Whanganui river, (spealt with an H)!!!! I have also heard it is a bloody hard haul to get there and even harder to get out. Yesterday I did it. Today I can’t move!!

pc210004My alarm went off at 4.30 in the morning, I jumped out of bed turned it off and crawled back into bed, on second thoughts 7.00 sounded better. I was on the road by 7.30 and at the parking area, top of kiko road by 8.00am. I had Google earthed the entire aera and had a fair knowledge of where I was going from talking to people. I was lucky enough to meet a possum traper at the car park who gave me a wee run down of the place!

Unfortunately it still took me some time to get onto the track as it was not where I thought it was!! It is a bloody long walk in there, although the track is good. There are a few big wind fall trees going across the track and I spent some time working out the path at times because of it. In the end the track I was on basically ended! I could hear running water off to my left, down a rather large bluff and so decided to drop over. I was told I would have to do this at some point and so was prepared for it. By the way, the studs on the Riverworks wading boots are great for this type of bush crashing, they give excellent grip on dead leaves, when on a steep angle. Much better than felt!!! Just as I was getting close to the bottom I came across a hunter, (bit of a shiver down the spine there)! He told me that the running water I was headed for was just a small stream and that I had missed the TT by a whole bluff, I would have to climb back up and go over another ridge. I thought briefly about crying, but then that is what this day was all about, exploring the area. Big climb back up but!!

p1070005He was a bloody good guy and using his Sat Nav took me to where I should have been. If I thought the last bluff was big then this was the Daddy of them all. We said our goodbys and I started down again. There are plenty of good hand and foot holds to get down safely but I knew it was going to be a long slog back up, I had been walking for 4 hours at this stage and was a little on the rooted side of things!

My spirits lifted as I dropped the last few feet to the river and immediately spooked two rather nice trout in the shallows. As I was wet wading I took off my gear and threw myself into the river, I had enough foliage down my back to start my own national forrest! I quickly ate, rigged up my rod and set off upstream. Interesting enough, the track I was walking was  meant to drop me down to the water fall that stops the trouts migration on the TT, I never saw or heard it and so God knows where the hell I was!!

The water was crystal clear and very low. You would not want to be in there if the water was up to much but then the conditions I was fishing, gave the trout some advantage . After having the first twenty trout spook at my tiny indicator and size 14/16 nymphs, I quickly changed to a 16 foot leader, dry fly and dropper. Even then the little buggers took off as I carefully stripped line from my real for the cast. In the end I was crawling up to the pools and using every and anything possible for cover.

There were a heap of trout in the section I fished. The runs typical of the Tauranga Taupo are magnificent and it was a delight to look at each one as I stalked my way upstream. I managed to pick up half a dozen rainbows all around the three pound mark. They fought dirty and gave the 5# Axiom a damn  good work out.

By this stage it was 2.30 and I knew I had the bluff from hell to traverse so I packed it in and made my way back. It was a long hard walk out but I found the tracks fast and didn’t have to muck about. That’s what the day was all about.

Today is a rest day!!!

Hope you have all had time to flick out a fly over the Christmas break, or that you intend to do so soon. Get out there and explore, or hire me and I’ll show you a few new spots!!

Regards Shane

Crystal clear water upper TT

Crystal clear water upper TT