Lake taupo trout fishing report For The 10th of January 2008

Shane French /

January 10, 2008

Hey all,

I have been fishing the rips over the past couple of days, in between doing rooms and running the Lodge. The weather has been perfect with a slight ruffle on the water and warm humid conditions. There is no moon at the moment as well so night fishing has been perfect. I was standing down from the Waitahanui rip the other day and a school of smelt cruised by, they were about three feet wide and i foot deep, it took over ten minutes for them to swim by. This is the first time I have seen smelt like this for ages.

Like all fishing the trout can either be there or not and the other night in perfect conditions they weren’t!! I fished for 5 hours without a single strike. In the end my casting had turned to crap and I spending more time with my headlight on than off. The insect life is huge at the moment as well and I had bugs up my nose and in my ears and eyes.

dscn1427.JPGI got these two early this morning on a Brown woolly bugger, I also put back a nice little brown of about four pounds that snatched my Booby on the first cast. Brendon i’m a fish Mathews, has been catching a few in the rips as wel. He very generously gave me one the other day that went just on Five pounds and smoked up a treat. I sheared it between the clients at the lodge, thanks Brendon!.

dscf2380.JPGHarling out the front is still producing a few decent fish, this Brown being taken on a Yellow lady, well before dark.

Please feel free to drop by the shop for some free advice on what lines to use and where to go for rip fishing, I am always amazed at how few river fishermen get into the rips. You are missing out on some truly fantastic fishing.

Regards Shane