Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 10th of June 2008

Shane French /

June 10, 2008

Hey all,

Waitahanui fresh runnerI had a great day out on the water yesterday, fishing three rivers in one day.

Great coloursI started in the Waitahanui where I immediately picked up fish just up from the bridge. They were not huge, all being around the 3 pound mark but there were plenty of them and if you were using a 6 weight you would have had a heap of fun. There was very little angling pressure as well. all these fish were taken on Glo bugs.

Brett with another of his slabs!!!!From there I shot down to the Waimarino. This river like the TT and the Tongariro had come up the day before with the rain but had dropped VERY fast, leaving small pockets of fish stranded in the deeper water. The Waimarino has changed something terrible over the past six months with those big floods three months ago changing the structure of the river, and not for the best. We found small groups of fish throughout the river but many of the small pools have gone and the snags are terrible at the moment. We managed to get onto a group of fish in some deep water and pulled a few out but in general it was a heap of walking for little results. It is always a shame when a great river like this changes for the worse but then who knows, the next flood may change it again!

Lumpy jack from the HinemaiaiaOn the way back we stopped off at the Hinemaiaia for a quick flick. Brett was too slow and I beat him into the steps pool where I pulled Four fish in four casts. Three of them were nice fish, one of them was a diseased horrible sick looking thing that got smacked on the head to stop it breeding sick horrible looking children. I don’t know if this is shag worm or cancer but YUCK!!!!

So it seems the runs have started in the rivers, Yippy!!

We have no one booked in for accommodation for the next two weeks and so all rooms until the 23rd of June have been reduced to $60.00 per double, including the lake front units. We hope this helps with the petrol increase!!

Regards Shane