Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 10th of October 2008

Shane French /

October 10, 2008

Hey All

dsc00016.JPGFirst up, thank you for all the positive comments on the web site that we have received over the past couple of weeks and for those who have stopped in to the shop to say hello. It is always a pleasure to talk fishing and to meet the readers of The Video’s that we have been putting on are fun to make and from all the hits they are receiving you obviously enjoy looking at them, excellent guys.

Today Steven and I drove down to the Tongariro. I noted on Ross’s report, once you had ciphered through the dribble (hehe) that there were fresh fish in there from the last flood. Apparently someone from his Lodge caught Twenty, apart from the fact that Ross would have had to take his shoes off to count that high, I found it quite disturbing that the Tongariro could hold that many fish at one time!


dsc00017.JPGYes there are decent numbers of trout in the mighty Tongariro BUT and this is a big BUT if you are not getting them MOVE!!!!!!!!!!! We missed in the Poutu and Boulder Reach, (fishing from True Right). The guys on the other side had no Trout either. However once we got above the Boulder we picked up fish on a regular basis, however by that stage the battery on the Video recorder had packed a sad on us. We have managed some footage and that is on now for you to view.

dsc00018.JPGMan this river has changed over the past few floods. The flow at the Poutu has changed completely as has the stretch of water above there going up to Boulder reach. The beautiful piece of water above the cliff pool has become even better and will be a regular haunt of mine over summer with the dry fly!

All in all a fantastic few hours on the Tongariro and as always a pleasure to fish.

All the rivers should be in great nick over the weekend and for the start of next week. Yes Ralfe get here it will all be on!!

Regards Shane