Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 10th of September 2008

Shane French /

September 10, 2008

Hey All,

dscf3943.JPGI wasn’t going to fish today but then the urge over took me and I scampered down into the middle section of the Waitahanui. I picked up fish all through there. Most of them were around the 3 pound mark but all in great condition. I decided to fish the upper section as well since I was close enough. There were three guys from Christchurch fishing Pig and Stones so i had a good chat to them. They had on the standard Tongariro rig, long leader and too much gap between the dropper and the point fly, they were also using naturals!!! After telling them that I had picked up ten or so fish in the middle section that they had just fished and been skunked in they changed over. Hope you got fish guys, tight lines for your trip. I decided to fish Flat Bridge and as I dropped into the water were the seat is, (I walk up from there) I noticed a good fish close in. It had plenty of colour and so i gathered it was a nice Jack. My third drift through and it turned, followed my bugs down and swallowed them. I actually saw them disappear!!problem was he didn’t stop and as I tightened the line he sped off aiming for the lake. If you know this area the section down from Flat Bridge is not one that you want to get into, it is fast, narrow and deep. I chugged along trying to keep up with him but had to make a descion if I was going to get wet or not. This was a good fish of at least six pounds, (best for some time) and I was after fish for the table. Just as I thought “bugger it” i’ll do it, the hook pulled. Actually I wasn’t that dissapointed, as looking into the water it was going to be an adrenaline rush from hell getting through. I ended up keeping the two fish in the picture, they were ok but a little small. All fish today took Glo bugs, I am using 8 pound Fluro as well guys. The Waitahanui looks great at the moment with good colour and flow. A good weekend is ahead for us!

Regards Shane