Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 11th Of January 2010

Shane French /

January 18, 2010

p11400782Hey All,

I have just put on a new Video, not really about trout fishing but a nice additive if you are cooking some trout!!

Plenty of Trout around in all the rivers, I even managed to get into the TT yesterday and get a few small freshies, these are smashing the tiny dries at the moment when things warm up and there is a hatch. All of a sudden trout are feeding like mad!! Great time to put on a dry!

p1090036The Tonagriro has more bloody trout above SH1 than it did during summer, and there are a heap of nice browns in there as well. They are a little hard to get to bite but perseverance can win them over.

p1120007Like I said the other day, I thought my last report would get back to DOC, via Dave Cade and it did!! I had a nice little chat with one of their higher ranking officials not so happy with my comments. It all ended fairly sweet however and Glen assured me that this winter the Waitahanui would get its fair share of patrols from DOC. Great!!!! Power of the pen huh, (or key board anyway). In the mean time guys, if you see or even suspect something fishy, (hehe) going on then for goodness sake ring DOC on their emergency line, (back of your licence) they are swift at dealing with things like this. Good outcome here.

Regards Shane