Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 11th Of July 2010

Shane French /

July 11, 2010

Hey All,

Wow is it cold here at the moment, -4 in my car Saturday morning when I started it up at 6.30am. The mountain has a good covering of snow and the Kaimanawas have a topping as well. I fished the Tongariro on Saturday and the Southerly that was blowing down the river was nothing short of Arctic!!! I managed to get a couple of small spawning Hens and dropped something early into a fight that seemed a bit bigger, but in general it was hard going. The Mighty Mite from Feather Merchants did the job for me yesterday. I had tried all sorts including Green Cadis but as soon as I tied this little beauty on Bamm. It is a sparkly little bugger and with the sun shinning like it was, I think it did the trick nicely.

Today I took the girls out onto the Waitahanui to give them some training for the years to come. I picked up a nice fat Hen from Pig and would have given it the last rites but Alana wanted to watch it swim away and so it was let go. This was a rugby ball of a trout and gave a hell of a good fight. I had squawking, giggling girls in the background for an audience. Further up the river we spied a smaller Hen sitting happy in the current. I thought dropping a big Glowie on it with a piece of split shot might have spooked it, so tied on a Mighty Mite again. First cast and it opened its gob and inhaled it, much to the delight of Alana and Rylie, as they could see the whole thing. Once again it went back as it had “babies” sigh!! I decided then and there that if I want trout for dinner, they are not going to come with me. Apart from that the river seemed a bit barren. It was certainly low and clear.

If you are coming to Taupo this week then things are going to be a bit tough for you. The Hine would probably be the best river if you are after good fishing, although they are a bit dark in there by now, so catch and release may be the way to go. The TT is very low and clear, it got a bashing over the weekend as well so man will they be spooky. Naturals and a very stealthy approach, fish all the water too, ripply stuff and deep pools. There are certainly trout in the Tonagriro, Fluro, naturals and patience, move around as well. Try the pools on the True Right guys, these seem to get less pressure. Looking back in my log book, the purple colours started coming into their own at this time of year when the river was clear and the sun was out. Hunting and fishing in Taupo and Creel in Turangi have a damn good selection of these colours and you should have them in your fly box to maximize your chances.

Hope you all have a great time out there.

Regards Shane