Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 11th Of June 2008

Shane French /

June 11, 2008

Hey all,


$60/night including lakefront cottages and weekends!!!

dscf3461-1.JPGI have had a really good response from the guiding specials that we have put on and I would also like to say thank you to all those readers out there who have emailed and wished Lesley and myself all the best for the coming year. It seems there are a few people out there feeling the pinch in business as well. Hang in there guys!

dscf3504.JPGI guided two backpackers yesterday who had never picked up a fly rod before. Both managed to master the basics very quickly and in the process Vincent, (from Amsterdam) dropped a honey of a Jack on his second water load of the morning. The indicator dipped and went sideways at the same time. His strike was excellent but he forgot to give line as this very feisty fish screamed off to the other side of the pool and busted him off. Ten seconds later Billy, (from America) hooked into something big, on the wet line that I had set up for him just around the corner. As I raced off to the shrill sound of his screaming I heard a large splash and was a little worried for a second. I found Billy, (still dry) with a blank look on his face, his exact words were, ” I didn’t know trout grew so big”. This fish was big enough to bend the hook on a #6 Woolly Bugger. I had used Ten pound Fluro just in case he hooked something while I wasn’t there!! I gently reminded him that you had to give these fish line when they wanted to run. It was a damn good start to the day.

dscf3507.JPGWe fished a few pools on the Waitahanui but the plan had always been to fish the Hinemaiaia and so after spraying down, (yes John we sprayed down, sigh), that is where we headed. It was on the drive over that I remembered my camera was still on the charger at home. Why is it that I always have my best days fishing without the camera strapped to my back!! Over the next two hours we hooked into at least 12 good fish, only managing to land 2. These were the BIG strong stroppy red gilled Jacks that have made the Hine so popular over the years. The boys were dealt to left right and center by fish up to seven pounds. They wanted one to fry up at the backpackers so we kept a great fish of four pounds. Both of them were so impressed with the half day that they booked me out again today!!


dscf3513.JPGTalk about chalk and cheese, bloody hell. Up early, the boys had been out all night and so were a little blurry eyed at first, although the -2 degs at Hatepe soon sorted them out, (hehe). We dropped one straight away and that was it!!!! See I had my Camera. I then took them down to the Tauranga Taupo and we fished the lower pools there. Billy landed a spent Jack that actually gave a very good account of itself but that was it. As I say chalk and cheese. We ended up back at the Hinemaiaia River mouth and had a well deserved cup of coffee and a scone. The Rip has finally pushed through the front of the wall there and is flowing into some decent depth of water, this will help the running fish for sure.

Regards Shane