Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 11th Of March 2010

Shane French /

March 11, 2010

Hey All,

First up, I have had a guide cancel out at the last moment and that means I have this weekend free. It is his loss as I was going to take him into one of my new streams that I have found and have been saving just for him! It is a dry fly delight. Anyone who wants to take me up on this will get a great day on a fabulous stream full of hungry trout. If I don’t get any takers I will have to take Paul there and fish it myself.

Well the days are getting shorted and the mornings have that Autumn bite to them, leading up to winter. We had a beautiful day yesterday and I only heard a few lonely Cicadas, summer I am afraid has been and gone. Bring on Winter!!

From now on any cold snap that we get associated with some wind and rain will push a few fresh run trout into the systems. This time last year I had a great afternoon on the Waitahanui. I must have picked up a dozen good fish, with the biggest being just over 7 pounds. There are the early spawners and are notoriously big.

I am not saying give up on the back country stuff, far from it in fact, but from now on you have a few more options out there, especially if the weather turns nasty!.

Regards Shane