Lake Taupo Trout fishing report For The 11th of November 2007

Shane French /

November 11, 2007

Hey all

Sorry about the lack of reports, I have plenty on at the moment and am not getting out as much as I would like.

The swirl pool Upper WaitahanuiI fished this morning in the Waitahanui, with Peter from Australia. The lower reaches were hard going with no fish sighted or hooked. We moved up into the upper reaches after that and managed to get onto a few there. Some of these Trout are excellent fish, fresh and of good size. The Dutch CDC seemed to do the trick today although we never landed anything.

Jack taken from WaThis afternoon I shot into the Waitahanui rip for a good hour from about 2.00 pm. I landed this nice Jack and put back three other fish of about the same quality. All took a white Booby fly,(with a little extra something thrown in). I had the place all to myself as well.

Rocks put in to create a reefIf you haven’t already seen what is going on out the front of the Waitahanui Lake Front here are some pictures. The brains of the country believe the best way to stop further damage to the houses,(this has happened once!!!) is to build an artificial reef almost straight off the Waitahanui Bridge. They have deployed HUGE amounts of sand and will continue to do so for some time, this is to built up a beach front.

Barge and digger used to move the rocks and sandSome big machinery has been used to move all this rock and sand. I think it is a blot on the land scape and it will be interesting to see how and if the fishing will be effected. There has been an increadable amount of sand placed down there and it might silt over the rip.

I have been given permission to fish this week and so will be out and about all over the place making the most of it. See you on the water.

Regards Shane