Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 12th Of August 2008

Shane French /

August 12, 2008

Hey All,

dscf0380.JPGThe fishing can be described as hard at the moment in most rivers. I was skunked in the Tauranga Taupo yesterday for the very first time EVER. It was on a guide too!!! After that I took Chris into a secret little spot and we managed three in quick succession. The TT has been thumped and it was nice to hear from a few other fisherman whom I respect that it was equally tough for them last week.

The Hinemaiaia  is still running high at the moment and again is not fishing well, those snags are taking their toll I had one fisherman come in yesterday and stock up and then return two hours later and stock up again. I love that river!!

dscf1068.JPGI have just come back in from the Waitahanui where I had a blast. I walked the lower pools but fished them hard, changing weight and leader length as I went. I picked up some nice fish as well. The Red Smoots Bloody Marie did the trick for me this morning in size 14. The river is in fantastic condition and still has a wee bit of colour.

The Tongariro, hmmmmm. reports in say too much pressure and although some of the pools are producing fish the amount of angling pressure overwhelms this. I only saw one other angler on the Waitahanui all morning!!

dscf1514.JPGI had an email this morning from Rick in Auckland who suggested that for the up coming Waitahanui/Tongariro fish off that the Team leader who doesn’t win has to do the lawns out the front on SH1 in a dress!! I thought about this but remembered that Ross quite often wears this apparel while doing the laundry and singing along to his ABBA cd’s. We will have to find something different. And yes Rick he struggles with the spelling of the Waitahanui, you should see him fish it, (shudder!!!).

We have had a bit of rain again today some of it very heavy, we are due for more as well. If you are thinking of coming here for a fish this week, please feel free to call first for a river update.

Regards Shane

PS. Brendon, dropping good fish is not a disease, therefore it can not be passed onto my clients. Your email bounced me for overuse of language! (smile)