Lake Taupo trout fishing report For The 12th Of December 2007

Shane French /

December 12, 2007

Hey all,

dscf2147_final.JPGJohn and I shot back into the Whanganui yesterday. I had to tidy up a section that needed some work done to it before I could guide there and we also sussed out another beat, all I have to do is go back in and fish through to make sure there are no hidden obstacles.

dscf2157_final.JPGJohn has had a lifetime of experience in the bush and can find a track with his eyes closed , this means whole sections of this magnificent river are being opened up to me. I fished a small section of river that had big slabs op Papa rock, I love this stuff as Brown Trout hide in the wholes and come swimming out as the nymphs pass over the top of them.

dscf2153_final.JPGI came across a group of goats on a hill. This big billy snorted at me as though to say, “who the hell are you” then trotted into the bush, look at the set of horns on him!!, I reckon he would have gone 65KG, and that is one huge mother of a goat.

Local legend Trevor, with another Fantastic Brown taken in TaupoToday i went and had a good look at the Waitahanui rip. There have been the odd report of browns being caught and so i though I had better suss out the rip for a night fish. The Waitahanui rip is huge! It could easily hold twenty rods. The rip is shaped like a fan, with the majority of the flow going out the true left however good deep water is to be found all the way around the edge. It looks good.

Regards Shane