Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 12th of may 2008

Shane French /

May 12, 2008

Hey all,

Looking out from the Lodge! Wish you were here.Last reminder about the Waitahanui Lodge Cup that is being held this weekend. Free to enter with some great prizes donated from my reps. A good barbecue on the Saturday night with a few spot prizes given out and some beer and wine supplied. $20.00 per head on the barbecue and this must be paid in advance. You can pick up an entry form from the shop leading up to Friday 7.30 pm or we can email or fax one to you. This is a friendly competition but with some excellent fishermen involved, come and have some fun and tell a few stories on Saturday night.

Nice one from the WaitahanuiNo pressure on the Waitahanui at all over the past three days due to all the other rivers becoming fishable. I picked up a good fish Friday morning in the lowers and had a good fish to the net before the hook pulled and lodged itself in my face! This river still has the best fish in Taupo going through it without a doubt!

Nice freshie from the HinemaiaiaThe Hinemaiaia has been a little disappointing fish number wise. It did this last year as well and then when it did pick up it fired for the entire season, right through to October. The rip is slowly straightening and it looked really good the last time I was there. The flow was strong and it looked like it was pushing into deep water. Reports in, are that it has not fished well at all. When it does it is going to “go off”.

Small fresh runner from The Tauranga TaupoI walked about 1 KM of the Tauranga Taupo last week as well. i got there at about 1 pm and fished all the water as I slowly made my way up. It was running at about .500 and ALL the water made me drool! I had a Red hair and copper on in size 10 and a #12 Orange champ dot glo bug on. I picked up about 10 of these little fish, good nick and nice and fat but a little short. I think the dropping in fish size that DOC is about to make rule, will be of great benefit to the fishery. Great river though and one that I throughly look forward to guiding on this season. I thought I saw Ross from the Tongariro river motel walking back down river, but he had a good trout, so it can’t have been him, (smile).

IÂ haven’t fished the Tongariro for a few days now as every time I intend to, it floods! Tomorrow morning will see me there though and I can’t wait.

Great day pack, $50.00 plus postageI would like to sell this back pack. It normally retails for around $110.00 but will let it go for $50.00 plus postage. I have had one of these for around two years now and can vouch for the hardiness of the product . All the zips are supper strong as is the stitching. It is a super day bag. You can contact me from the contact page or via the forum.

Oven roasted Trout with a Olive, Tomato and white wine reductionOne of the trout I gave the last rites to ended up as this. Oven baked fillets of trout with a tomato, black olive and white wine reduction. I know when the flavors work, as the girls come back for more!

Thank you for all the comments on Didymo, it is encouraging to receive your thoughts. If you haven’t posted please do this it is your right to say something about our precious resources. We now have 93 Taupofishing forum members out there. I would love to hear from a South islander on this subject. Has Didymo effected business down there or Towns and tourism. Or is the North being freaked out by something that is not that bad? If we can make the public aware that this stuff is going to make an impact on living conditions, then we can start to motivate the masses and put pressure on the Government.

Be safe on the water and tight lines to all.