Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 12th of November 2008

Shane French /

November 13, 2008

Hey All

dscf4276.jpgI managed to sneak away from the house for a few hours this morning to have a look at  the rivers.

dscf1216.JPGI decided not to fish the Waitahanui as I am sure you guys wanted to hear something else and so shot over to the Hinemaiaia for a quick flick. The water looked perfect and there were no cars in the main car park by the bridge. I have noticed every time I go over here that this is empty, I am not the only one who has had a hard time on this river over the season. It is being left alone!!!!!!!! I dropped a fresh fish at the net in the bridge pool and then pulled this very nice hen out of a stretch further down. I still don’t think it is the same river in this section but as I say angling pressure was non existent and that is always nice.

dscf4277.jpgI drove down to the rip and had a look there. This has changed many times over the season and is now looking quite nice for the running Brown Trout about to make an appearance. The water looked deep on the drop off and the flow was coming straight out of the river. It should be in good nick for the future. The sand has built back up on the beach here thank goodness, three months ago it was lapping at the end here and had started to erode the ash-felt.

dscf1364.JPGFrom there I drove to the Tongariro and had a look at the braids. Ross keeps mentioning how good they are and from my experience over the past few years this is a good time to have a flick here. The water level is up but the crossings can be made, take care though.I pulled this freshie out in a small piece of water off to the side. The great thing about the braids is that the trout can be sitting in all sorts of water. Don’t be afraid to go in there with a six weight rod a dry fly and dropper. Take your Polaroids and go slowly through the water. The flow on the true left has increased and this is going to hold some fish in the next wee while.

dscf4278.jpgThe weather has been hot and still over the past few days and this is going to make the back country stuff come alive, hope to see you on the water.


Regards Shane