Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 12th Of October 2007

Shane French /

October 12, 2007

Hey all

I fished the Tauranga Taupo this morning for a few hours with two clients from Wellington. We crossed over onto the True Right of the river at a good place to do some training and stayed there for about an hour. I noticed the colour change in the water and so decided to cross back over onto the true left. The river was rising FAST and the crossing although safe was somewhat tricky. This river can come up quickly!!

We shot back down to the Hinemaiaia and pulled one out of there and dropped another two. pressure was minimal when we arrived but soon the cars pulled up as the other rivers became unfishable.

We dropped back further to the Waitahanui where we picked up another nice little Jack, time ran out and so we called it a day and I drove them back to the Tongariro. This was high and dirty, peaking at 51.9 on the flow chart, it has now dropped back down to 41.9 and should be almost perfect for tomorrow.

All the fish hooked were fresh run silver bullets in very good condition, all took Glo bugs.

Regards Shane