Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 13th Of August 2008

Shane French /

August 13, 2008

Hey All,

Well we got the rain again last night and today. The rivers that were already high, have once again been effected. I fished the Waitahanui late this morning where i picked up a few hens around the 3 pound mark but that was it. I was after a nice fish and so decided to try the Waimarino further south. As I passed the Tauranga Taupo I noticed how high it was, (it almost climbed to .900 last night. The Waimarino was high as well but I gave it a good bashing without a touch. The most exciting thing was a very good Jack launching itself onto my indicator and getting its teeth stuck. Gave me a hell of a fright as well due to the indicator being 3 feet away from me.

dscf3765.JPGI thought i might throw rocks into Ross’s pools on the Tongariro but decided to come back to the Hinemaiaia and have a good look there. Wow this river has been totally turned over in the past three weeks, with bank damage and trees across the river. The Steps pool has disappeared completely (sob sob) and is knee deep all the way through, what a terrible shame. There is a tree that has fallen in at the bottom of the straight which has slowed that water up and made it quite deep, this will hold fish but the trees above make for a difficult cast and there are already a heap of glo bugs sitting in there.

dscf3766.JPGI attempted one of my usal crossings and ended up chest high in fast flowing water, (there goes another cell phone!!). Parts of the track have been washed right out and DOC have had to re cut the track. The lower Hinemaiaia 9 years ago lost a huge section of fantastic water in one of these floods. I fished it one week and had a blast and then two weeks later when i came back down it was gone, just like that!!

To make matters worse I got well and truly skunked on this river today!

Came home and had a nice cold beer .

I suggest you check out the river conditions before you decide to come here this weekend as we are due more rain.

Regards Shane.