Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 13th of October 2008

Shane French /

October 13, 2008

Hey All

dscf4143.JPGIt was the Tauranga Taupo’s turn to be flogged today and although I got there late, (1.00pm) it looked absolutely brilliant. As I was walking in two guys coming back out raved about the fishing so spirits were high!

dscf4146.JPGThis river has had another turn over and pools have changed once again. The amount of debris lining the banks is incredible with  huge trees being washed down and piles of crap everywhere. Some new water has opened up with one of my old haunts looking good but then another that I have fished all season being stuffed. I came up to this great deep looking piece of water and was as excited as a Labrador puppy that was until I lost my first set of gear bang smack in the middle due to some hidden huge lurking mother of a snag. It took a further two sets of gear to sink it into me that the snag is entirely across the pool, sob sob.

dscf4149.JPGI had walked up above the rock wall at first and really didn’t do very well at all. I landed two small fish but that was it. There were anglers everywhere as well. As I am the antisocial angler from hell, I decided to drop back down the river and fish some of the snagy water. This is where I started to pick up fish on a regular basis. These trout were the same as we have been getting all season, fat little freshies.

dscf4148.JPGNate from Feather Merchants in Taupo lent me a 6# Temple Fork AXIOM. This is the latest rod from these guys and Nate was confident that the 6# could quite easily throw an 8 weight line, so I gave it the test! hmmmm not convinced with the 8# line but then it is a Rio Nymph and they are freakin heavy. I was using one of my big arsed indicators and a wee bit of weight and so all up I was not surprised at all that false casting was a little bit of a struggle. What I was surprised at was the ability to water load at great distance and to mend perfectly to the indicator. This is a sexy looking rod in deep blue with gold Ferrell’s. Next time I take this out I will match it line for weight and see what it can do, more on this later.

dscf4150.JPGI ended up with about ten fish for the afternoon, came home had a shower and sculled back two Stella Artois, a great way to unwind!!

I have a small video of the TT that I will edit and put on, if you want to drool at the water click the link guys.

Regards Shane