Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 14th Of December 2007

Shane French /

December 14, 2007

Hey all,

dscf2192_final.JPGI have been looking at a few pieces of water for a year or so now and managed to fish them yesterday. I had heard about them, seen them in books and even bought Topographical maps on them. This is the best way of finding road access into the more remote areas. Man I love finding and exploring new water, it makes me feel like a kid all over again.

dscf2193_final.JPGI have been really impressed with the quality of the back country Trout this season. Pound for pound these fish will run rings around any Taupo Freshie and when you are talking of fish up to 6 pound plus, that is a lot of fun. Mix that in with unbelievable scenery a lack of angling pressure, and you have the makings of a great day out.

dscf2189_final.JPGThis 5.5 pound hen took about 15 minutes to get in, I have never had a fight like it and probably won’t ever again. It used the water to full effect and did not waste energy jumping. The blistering runs that it made had the line sizzling through the water like nothing I have ever seen. I had no choice but to follow it through THREE sets of rapids and well over two hundred meters of river to finally land it, very quickly take its picture and get it back in the water. It had me onto my backing twice once with about 30 feet of backing out! I was stuffed and the so was the trout, I spent about ten minutes in the water holding it into a slow current before it swam away. I then trudged the two hundred meters back up river to start fishing again, sigh!

dscf2172_final.JPGI was also impressed with the quality of the brown trout in this river system, they were aggressive and fought well. Their overall look was fat and healthy, the only fish to escape landing, (yes Brendon I landed almost everything) was a big Brownie of about 6 pounds. The first run that it made saw the line wrap around the butt of the rod, as it came up hard on the reel. “Ping” was the end result of that hook up. It then proceeded to leap around the pool just to piss me off!

I want to guide on this water NOW, I have no guiding booked in for the next few weeks, make me an offer and i’ll get you in there. You will be blown away!

dscf2197.JPGHave a look at this nifty gadget. It is a “Line Tidy” thingy from Anglers Image. Instead of dropping small pieces of Fluro, which take decades to dissolve, you just wrap the unwanted line around the Yo Yo shaped reel and then when you get home simply take apart and dispense with the line carefully. As you can see it is very small and has basically no weight what so ever. I am always picking up leader material from the banks and stuffing them in pockets, this is messy and falls out. This little piece of genius stops that.

dscf2198.JPGYes you can purchase these from my web site!

Hope you all have a very safe weekend out there .

Regards Shane