Lake Taupo Trout fishing report for the 14th of November 2007

Shane French /

November 14, 2007

Hey all

Beautiful day on the TongariroYesterday I took my friend Stephen into the Red Hut area for a look see. As we peered into the water from the bridge, we literely drooled. There must have been 20 good sized trout dotted all the way down the pool, some of them in mid water giving us a great view of their size. Unfortunately for us there was also a big group of Kyakers splashing about down there and so we had to move upstream. I hooked a great fish that quickly wrapped me around a rock. All in all we hooked 4 trout in this section, they all took a #16 red copper john from feather merchants. I remembered they worked for me last year at this time and they certainly worked yesterday. The condition of the fish has improved somewhat from earlier in the season. There were very few people in this section as well.

Fresh runner from the TonagriroFrom there Stephen showed me a whole heap of new water down from the bridge, wow is there some water there! he also showed me hoe to access it by 4wd, (excellent). I manged to drop everything I hooked in this section and there were quite a few of them. I changed over to a Glo bug point fly and instantly picked up fish!

Winter has arrived again with blustery Westerlies and a wee bit of rain as well. I am fishing the Waitahanui this afternoon and hope to bring back a trout or two. The rip had been fishing well last week with the calmer weather. Stephen pulled a six pounder out Sunday night with his friend John but then the next night it was dead! That is Rip fishing enjoy it when it is hot!

Regards Shane