Lake Taupo trout fishing report For The 14th of September 2007

Shane French /

September 14, 2007

Hey all.

I fished with Norman from Auckland today. He is down here for the week and wanted to have a look at the smaller rivers in the area before moving onto the Tongariro for the rest of the week.

At present all the rivers are LOW and CLEAR, the best river to be on would have to be the Tongariro. A report in yesterday was that a good run of large fish had gone through.

We walked the lower reaches of the Waitahanui picking up two nice fish before Cliff pool. The Jack was in prime condition, fat through the back and had fabulous red gill plates and a big stripe down its side. The Hen was a fat little silver bullet that put up a good fight as well. We went into the top pools after that but came up a big blank. In fact we didn’t even see a bloody fish up there!

From there we sprayed our gear down and shot over to the Hinemaiaia. There was no one in the steps pool and so in we went. On Normans second drift the indicator went under and he was into a very nice hen of Four pounds. We dropped one more after that and didn’t get another touch for the rest of the river. The Hinemaiaia is VERY low at the moment.

We drove down to the Tauranga Taupo after that. There were seven cars in the car park but I gathered they would have gone up to the top pools and so wasn’t too worried. Man if I thought the other rivers were low!!!!!! We slowly worked our way up to the rock wall picking up two fish as we went and dropping another on the strike. Norman was stoked that he had his tri- fecter of three fish in three rivers for the day. A great effort from an excellent fisherman.

Regards Shane