Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 15th Of July 2008

Shane French /

July 15, 2008

Hey all,

What a wild weekend that was. All the rivers by Saturday night were un fishable, including the ever reliable Waitahanui. This started to clear by Monday morning but was still coloured slightly. There were a few fish being pulled yesterday right throughout the river. The successful anglers were using large Glo Bugs in bright colours.

The Hinemaiaia was and still is un fishable. A few fish came out of the rip but they were a little on the thin side.

I haven’t had a report in from the TT but man it climbed!!

Likewise with the Tongariro except it became fishable yesterday if you found some quiet water and fished the margins. Don’t try and fish the main current when it is up like that as the drifts are too fast and the fish are not sitting in that type of water anyway. I had a guide through the shop yesterday who had fished the Tonagriro and had a blast in the slower water, picking up seven good fresh fish. It can be done.

Regards Shane