Lake Taupo trout fishing report for The 15th Of October 2007

Shane French /

October 15, 2007

Hey all,

Wow winter has arrived at last! We have had severe South Westerlies accompanied by heavy rain for the past three days. Apparently today is going to be worse! It is extremely cold when in the wind. So what has this meant for the Taupo Winter Fishery.

I guided all Saturday and managed to do most of the rivers apart from the Tongariro. I have purchased a large spray bottle with a pump. This means it is way faster and easier to clean my fishing gear and waders in between rivers. The bottles given out by DOC are efficient but the old fingers get tired!

The Waitahanui had a few fish in the lower and middle section but was not full of fish like I thought it might be. I had a report in that Black Fish had ONE fish in it, Saturday Morning! This is unbelievable for the Waitahanui in October, as I have said the Nui is having a crap year.

We fished the Hinemaiaia late in the day and although the water conditions were almost perfect we were skunked here, even the angler fishing the Steps pool reported zero hook ups. I fished the Hine This morning with Brendon and there were fish in there.

The Tauranga Taupo has either been on the boarder line of fish ability or way too high for the past four days. There were defiantly fish in there and although we picked a few up, it was long leaders and a bit of weight to get down. I have found some excellent holding water when the conditions are high on this River but when it is flowing past .6500 drifts become too fast and mending is hard. The crossings on the TT at that water level are exciting! It was good to see many of the anglers fishing to the conditions and using bigger and brighter glo bugs with extra weight. Yes you will still catch them using Naturals, but hey we all know by now that I am a Glo Bug freak in the Winter Fishery.

The Waimarino like wise was a bit high, but fishable. We plucked a few out of here, however the angling pressure was high on this river and so some of the opportunities were not there.

I was on the water again yesterday as well. The Waitahanui had a few go through, but considering the Westerly gale that was blowing, it was fairly quiet. Even the local boys at the bridge gave up by 11.00am and were sitting in their cars. I fished the Tauranga Taupo very early Sunday and watched with alarm as the river rose at about 1 inch per minute until it was unfishable. It is slowly dropping but with the forecast predicted today, I would guarantee it will rise again.

Although I haven’t fished the Tongariro for a few days now, I have had plenty of reports in from it, all mixed. If you get onto the groups of Trout in this river you will have a blast. Finding them apparently is the trick, otherwise it may be hard going. Like the Tauranga Taupo the water level has gone up and down with the rain.

If you haven’t joined the forum yet have a look at doing so, some excellent anglers contribute to it. Apparently it has helped a few beginners in their skills and I would like your opinion on the poison 10/80 , this being one of the topics. I clicked on one of the adverts on this page the other day. someone was selling GREAT flies for .50 cents each!

Also I have made my mind up on a brand and weight of fluorocarbon. For me I believe that the Deceiver Tippet from Umpqua is an excellent choice for almost every occasion. It is supple yet VERY strong, and of course has all the usual abilities of Fluro, it sinks and has a high abrasion resistance. I am using the 7 pound test, which comes in a 25 yard spool. If you haven’t used this before give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.

I am about to light the fire BBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Regards Shane