Lake Taupo Trout fishing report For The 15th Of September 2007

Shane French /

September 16, 2007

Hey all,

I fished three of the Taupo rips today starting with the Waitahanui. This is looking excellent at the moment, the River is flowing nicely out from the straight forming a strong rip, the drop off is deep and wide. It should fish well! I started at 10.00 am having it all to myself. I used Boobies, Woolly Buggers and Rabbits to no avail, I was holding off using the Heave and Leave but when I did finally put it on, I got a fish on the first cast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I then shot over to the Hinemaiaia. This too has a nice rip at the moment although the flow was down affecting the strength of the rip. I am a firm believer that any rip will fish best with more flow. I didn’t pick anything up here but have had reports in over the week that it is fishing well during the day and night. Lumo Scotch Poachers do an excellent job in this rip as do Heave and Leaves on the change of light. A friend swears by White Boobies here as well. You can fish these on a shooting head or full sinking line as they float off the bottom. If the current is swinging you may find that you hook the bottom as your line swings onto the rocks. When this is happening I fish off to the side of the current and cast out to the end of the rip, drawing it back into the calmer water. Or I use an Intermediate and streamer fly.

I then moved down to the Waimarino Rip. As I expected there was no flow from the river but I could wade a fair way out to the drop off and so wasn’t too concerned about current. I used a Champagne Orange Dot Heave and Leave for the first hour, touching one good fish. The angler on the left of me lost two good fish as well. He too was using a Heave and Leave. By 6.00pm I had it all to myself and swapped over to a Pink Champagne Red Dot H @ L, Boom first cast and I was in. I also had my cell phone in my hand trying to grovel to Lesley as I was late home. I lost that fish, and was growled at too boot! Three casts later and I came up hard on a decent fish that screamed off into the lake. I had a good battle for a few minutes before gliding it into my net, (take a net out here). It was a FAT three pounder that I very seriously contemplated whacking on the head. I decided against it as it was just a little too small, (maybe 46 cm) . By this time it was 6.30, I was in trouble and had a bit of a drive home, so packed it in. A great day in the rips though.

Dinner was cold and in the Microwave, sigh!

Regards Shane