Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 15th of September 2008

Shane French /

September 15, 2008

Hey All,

dscf4041.JPGI have just spent the best two hours ever on the Waitahanui, not just because there are a truck load of trout in there but because of the surroundings and the day itself. The weather down here today has been special!

dscf4039.JPGOne of the joys of the Waitahanui is that for the majority of it you can get away from other anglers. Take the middle reaches for example, they very really get any pressure at any time of the day. The lower section gets the morning crowd and so does the upper section but during the day you can almost have the entire river to yourself. On many occasions I have fished with clients all day and have not seen another angler on here. Throw in the special charm that this magic river excludes and you can have a very relaxing fishing experience, sometimes even I do not need to catch trout, (sometimes ok guys, only sometimes).

dscf4044.JPGToday was one of those days. I have been pushing the body hard with chefing and guiding and so had an early afternoon Nanna Nap.When I woke up I decided to shake the cob webs out and have a leisurely walk up the lower section of the Waitahanui. As I have mentioned before it can get an afternoon run of trout. My very first cast and the indicator was yanked under. The cob webs were still there and I missed the strike, however I didn’t on the next drift and landed a very silver fat little Hen that spent more time in the air than it did in the water. The straight Champagne Orange Dot Glowie doing it again. I didn’t get another strike until Colonel’s Bend but then it was all on!! From there up trout were in most runs and pools and were very happy to take the Glow Bug. They are not huge by any stretch, but are fat and pink fleshed. I took a Jack out of the Cliff pool and the meat is very red.

The past week has been fantastic on the Waitahanui and add to this the pressure has almost been non existent, you  can have some fairly memorable fishing hours.

Go the Nui!!!

Regards Shane