Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 16th Of June 2008

Shane French /

June 16, 2008

Hey all,

dscf3540.JPGI guided Emily and Drew on Saturday, both from America. I had decided to fish the Tongariro as both could cast a fly line and as all the other rivers are proving to be a little hard this was a good bet. We found Didymo Dave at the Plank pool who proceeded to spray the shit out of them due to them being in the South Island last time they fished. Their gear was dry and they had frozen their boots but had made the fatal mistake of telling me they had fished a Didymo infested water way, then hopped on a plane from Christchurch into Wellington without being asked about Didymo!!!! Hop on the forum please and read about this stuff, we have a good discussion going at the moment with plenty of relevant points across the board.


dscf3547.JPG We fished the Bain for one Ok fish and then decided to go up to Red Hut. I was using my usual Glo Bugs Size 14 Champ orange dot and we were struggling. I tried Flash backs and Green Caddis, didn’t work for me Mark! and everything in between. We could see the fish but they just didn’t seem interested. Out of desperation I tied on a monster of a glo bug and increased the weight. Wham!! first, second and third casts, from then on it was all on. We picked up twelve nice fish in the space of about 1.5 hours in all the spots we tried. Oh man that just ruins the theory of clear water small naturals and goes to show you need a good mixture in your box. I got my Glo Bugs from Creel tackle in Turangi, they are excellent quality and value for money, thank you Brian and Steve.

dscf3549.JPGThen we have the other side of the coin. I have guided Laurence and Darren from Australia over the past two days, (half day guides). The first day was practice on the Waitahanui where we walked the lower and middle sections. We saw a few in places but in general it was a bit empty. There were two excellent fish in Totara that we had a go at but they were not interested in anything, even the killer whoppa bugs!!!!

dscf3539.JPGThis morning I dragged the two Aussies out onto the Hinemaiaia and the Tongariro, although their skills were up to it the fish didn’t want to play ball. It was a very frustrating 4 hours on the water for me as I searched my box for that killer pattern. We lengthened leaders, added more weight changed flies, I prayed to the Gods and then swore at them, all for naught. I know that is fishing but they were neat guys and I wanted to show them what Taupo fishing could be like. In the end I blamed the still HOT weather we are having, came home and got drunk!!! Sob Sob.

We have rain in the forcast for the next few days and so hopefully it will arrive and push some fresh ones up all the rivers.

dscf3550.JPGI have a good number of these Weigh nets for sale. Value for money these are a great buy. They are going for $25.00 plus postage, please get in touch via the web site for more details.

Regards Shane