Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 17th Of April 2008

Shane French /

April 17, 2008

Hey all.

Man that was some rain we had, there is still a little more to come as well.

Pig Pool Waitahanui RiverI started out late this morning as I had jobs to do first. The Waitahanui was my first port of call and I did all three sections, (or parts of them anyway). I picked up a few in the lower section all around the three pound mark. The water looked perfect, it had a good amount of colour and plenty of volume. I missed out in the middle section but picked up a nice fresh run Jack in the uppers. There were a few anglers on the water that surprised me as I thought the Hinemaiaia and the TT would have been busy, i know why now! The Waitahanui could do with a little wind to push some fish through and it looks like we are about to get that later tonight. Fingers crossed.

Hinemaiaia Brown and dirtyNext was the Hinemaiaia, this was a raging torrent yesterday and I thought it might take a little while to settle down. It was still totally unfishable with BROWN fast water. It should be ok tomorrow unless we get more rain!

Track damage Tauranga TaupoI decided after that short visit to head down to the Tauranga Taupo. I noted that the level went up to 1.7 with all the rain, that is as full as I have seen it since we took over the lodge three years ago. It has suffered some serious bank erosion and there is a tone of snags washed down, that must have been some force of nature through there. The track is damaged on the first section after you come down to the water. Please be careful as the bank looks like it is going to give way at any moment.

The two keepers from the TT river mouthAnyway the river was up at about .600 and was a bloody mission to get across and fish in general. I picked up a few on the way up but because the tracks have been washed out you need to do river crossings and they were HARD work. I ended up trudging back to the car and going to have a look at the rip. I picked up two nice Hens with the Nymph inside the river mouth. The order was to bring fish home and as these were as good as I got today, they were smacked on the head.

Hopefully the rivers will be a little more fishable tomorrow.

Regards Shane