Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 17th of November 2008

Shane French /

November 17, 2008

Hey All,

Yes shock horror I am putting in a report!

I guided on the Tongariro this morning. Unfortunately my client was a little late in getting there and so I had a spare hour up my sleeve so I went and had a look at some new water. I have no idea where it was but it looked great and I hooked up straight away, dropping it almost as quickly.

dscf1334.JPGI took my guys up to Boulder Reach  on the true Right, neither had fished before but were very keen. The Poutu pool has silted over quite a bit and the flow is very swirly, sucking the line down, not a very attractive pool at all. The stretch up from there is a bloody mess of snags and braided water, you have to go through the bush to get above it. Boulder Reach looks fantastic although we didn’t hit anything. The piece of water up from there but down from the cliff pool looks excellent with the extra flow and this is going to hold some summer fish in a wee while. It will be a nice little spot to flick a dry fly through over summer, we missed there too. Richard briefly hooked up in the head of the Cliff Pool but it was only briefly. A very hard half day made even harder with the torrential cold rain at times. The Tonagriro climbed a little with the extra wet stuff as has the Tauranga Taupo. The later may have a few freshies in there because of it.

dscf1689.JPGWhen I got home I informed by Lesley that I needed to go back out and get a trout for dinner, what a woman!!! I went into the middle reaches and on my third or fourth drift pulled this little beauty out. What a great fight, it took me two pools and 100 meters downstream before I beached it on a bend. Thank God for the Waitahanui!!!!

I am into the Whanganui tomorrow so will hopefully have some photo’s.

Take care