Lake Taupo trout fishing report For The 17th of September 2007

Shane French /

September 17, 2007

Hey all,

We had good rain all yesterday and because of that most of the rivers had extra volume this morning.

I did a very quick two hour guide on the Waitahanui river this morning with an Aussie. Ray had never picked up a fly rod before but wanted to mark it off his list of things to do in life! This guy picked everything up very fast and in no time we had landed his first ever trout. It was a skinny little hen that we put back. We moved into the lower section where he pulled out a decent hen that had just spawned, she was still silver and had good meat on her, he wanted a fish to show his wife and have for tea so we knocked it on the head.

The Waitahanui river is in excellent colour with good volume, there are a few fish dotted throughout as well.

I had a very good report in from the Tauranga Taupo this afternoon. I am not surprised either as the level shot to .650 yesterday and then dropped very quickly after that. It is just above .450 at the moment.

The Tongariro fished a lot harder than it has over the weekend according to a few reports in. I am sure with the extra little burst of water it recieved yesterday that a few fish would have entered over night.

I shot over to the Hinemaiaia yesterday afternoon to fish the rip but due to low water levels there was very little flow. I shot back to the Waitahanui Rip and fished for a full hour without a touch. The three other fisherman who had been there for some time also reported VERY slow fishing. It was nice to be out there and at one stage we had torrential rain, it always feels like it could come on under these conditions, although it didn’t!!

Regards Shane