Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 18th of December 2008

Shane French /

December 18, 2008

Hey All,

Sorry for the lack of reports of the past week. I have changed web hosting companies as my last one was a total disaster. Getting things changed over has been a headache!

There is quite a bit going on fly-fishing wise at the moment and all of it good.

dscf4284.jpgCheck out the new video I have put on, heaps of fun on this beautiful river, it was a fantastic recce. I managed  to find a very fast way of getting back down this river and no it didn’t have anything to do with swimming! Wayne you should have been there!!!

The dry fly fishing came on this week for me. I fished the Tongariro early in the week picking up some nice silver trout on the section I was on. The Cicadas were making a right royal noise as well. I am going to give this a good nudge this year.

The rips are firing, yippy, get out there when you can whether it be night or day some good smelt action has apparently been happening.

dscf4315.jpgBack Country, these fish are gaining weight by the day. The river that I fished on Monday was alive with insect life and all the trout were in good nick. Steven got DEALT to by a very aggressive jack at one point. He struck, the trout came out of the water heading downstream and didn’t stop. The line came up and around the butt of the rod, it was nearly ripped from his hands. The line pulled very tight then the hook pulled sending all his line back up and over him. I was watching from a rock high above and when he looked up at me he had line dangling down all over him, I almost fell off my rock laughing!!

I have some very good specials going for back country fishing over the next two weeks, contact me through this web site to find out more.

Regards Shane