Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 18th Of June 2008

Shane French /

June 18, 2008

Hey all,

Yesterday i guided Bob from Australia on the Tongariro. I decided to have a go with the wet line as it has been a bit of hit and miss with the nymph. We started at the Bain pool and worked down. The idea was to see as much of the river as possible while of course picking up the occasional trout. We got one on the third cast using a green woolly bugger and had a few more decent strikes but then it went a wee bit dead. I changed over to a size 8 red Rabbit and we instantly got fish. We ended up with 8 landed, two dropped and a heap of good strikes. All the fish were fat little Hens of around 3 pounds. This is really good to see, as last year by this time I was complaining about the quality.

A good solid report in from the Waitahanui, (thank you Ian and Ralph) is that it had good numbers of excellent trout in the upper section yesterday. They were a little hard to make bite though. Both of these anglers went back up there this morning and dropped a few but it looks like this run of fish has moved through very quickly. This is my opinion at the moment with the Waitahanui, it is getting fish coming in but they are moving fast, making the river look bare at times.

I am out and about on one of my favourite pieces of water tomorrow with Bob again, this time I will take the camera with me!!

Take care out there.

Regards Shane