Lake taupo trout fishing report for The 18th Of September 2007

Shane French /

September 18, 2007

Hey all,

I had a full day pass today and so made the most of it.

Lower Hinemaiaia RiverI started a wee bit late, 9.30 and headed over to the Hinemaiaia. I thought with all the rain and the lack of pressure this river is receiving there might be a fish or two in there. I walked down to the rock wall and made my way back up. As I passed the steps pool there were two fisherman in there who had 4 decent Trout hanging in the trees. I dropped a fish on my second cast and that was it!! The water was still a little low but fishable. I believe a little wind will make the difference in this river.

Excellent run on the lower Tauranga TaupoFrom there the next stop was the Tauranga Taupo. There were 7 cars in the car park when I got there and so decided to have a look at the water down from the first blue marker. I haven’t fished this section due to its reputation of hideous snags. There certainly are some bad areas and if you fish this section be prepared to loose gear. On the other hand there is some fantastic water to be explored with deep holes and fast runs. I landed two spent fish around the 2.5 pound mark but the water looked so good it kept me interested the whole time.

Middle reaches Waimarino riverI scuttled back to the car and made the short drive down to the Waimarino. This river has fished well over the past few months but is getting past its best. I thought there might have been a run go through with the peak in water yesterday and was hoping to catch up with them in the middle section. I managed to land a few spent fish again but it was low and clear and didn’t feel right. It is a great piece of water and was nice to be on there anyway.

Little Jack, plenty around.There are plenty of these spawning fish in all the rivers at the moment. The Jacks still can’t refuse Glo bugs!

Nice pool on the WaiotakaI needed food at this stage and so drove down the road and parked by the Waiotaka. The pool at the end of the dirt road has at times been excellent, especially after heavy rain and wind. I thought I might as well have a flick as the water looked perfect with nice colour and volume. On my first drift through the indicator was YANKED under with a pop and shot upstream. I really was not expecting this to happen and got myself into a right muddle with line around my feet and then around the butt of the rod. It pinged off at the top of the run and I was left contemplating how big it was, it certainly felt good. I then proceeded to loose three sets of flies in the bushes, lunch was over!

Around admiralsFrom there it was down to the mighty Tongariro. I stopped off at Admirals car park and fished that little island bit. I have always had good success here with a nice long leader and plenty of weight. I landed a little jack and dropped another as well. This river has had a fair bit of rain and is looking fantastic. There seemed to be every man and his dog below the bridge but no one where I was fishing.

All in all a great day on the water. If I had really wanted fish to take home I think the upper TT and the Tongariro would best best choices. If we get some Westerly winds over the next few days then I believe the Waitahanui will have a good run go through. There are a few fish holding off this rip at present and boats that are harling are getting good results.

Take care out there on the water.

Regards Shane