Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 18th of September 2008

Shane French /

September 18, 2008

Hey All

dscf0004.JPGIf you are a forum member I would really appreciate your oppinion on a suggestion that has been put forward on the forum site, please!!! Thank you Geoff Fishie I knew I could count on you dude.

The Waitahanui has been fishing well over the past few weeks and I am getting some excellent reports in from anglers who have fished this awesome river. Today it seems was a little hard on there although i find that a little hard to believe due to the rain and wind that we had early this morning. If you are not hitting fish on the Nui then move sections, they are in there and might be moving through instead of holding.

dscf4061.JPGPaul and I fished the lower Tauranga Taupo this afternoon and had a great session. This river looks fantastic due to the amount of water in there, we had the whole section to ourselves. I fished the first decent pool that we came to and Paul was in charge of the video camera. I must have put twenty good drifts through, with no success. Paul put the camera away and came and had a flick and blow me down on his second drift hooked and landed a nice little jack, I hate that! Champagne red dot glow bugs did the trick today.

dscf4047.JPGI will put this recipe on the page tonight, Thai fish cakes, (using smoked Trout) and Wasabi mayo

Steven has driven through to Rotorua as he can’t hook Jack here. Apparently the fish are dummer over there, I will report from that area tomorrow.

Take care out there.

Regards Shane