Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 19th Of August 2010

Shane French /

August 19, 2010

Hey All,

Bloody wet!!!!

The TT River Gauge had a malfunction on Tuesday and was showing the wrong level. It showed it was fishable and really it wasn’t. I took Mike into the Waimarino and although we managed quite a few, it was VERY hard going with wading and river crossings, we were both rooted by the time we got back to the car!!!

Yesterday I took him into the Hine. We did well in the lower section and managed a few nice fish above the bridge as well. Although the Hine is not too coloured up it is running very high and fast, so again we had to add extra weight and use large glow bugs. The wading was hard going!!

After the wind that we received yesterday afternoon, the Waitahanui is the go this morning.

All the trout were in very good condition with some VERY fat Hens full of eggs. Mike is a catch and release angler and so they have all won Lotto and been released after a quick picture. All up 30 fish for two days. The goal is to break 100 for 5 days!

Regards Shane