Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 19th Of December 2007

Shane French /

December 19, 2007

Hey all,

It rained yesterday and is raining again today. The river levels have come up and it might push a few trout into the systems. Likewise the Taupo Rips will be pushing out a little more into the lake and attracting some of those big Browns. Green Woolly Buggers and Boobies are working at the moment.

I had a huge day on the Whanganui yesterday. There is a section of river that I have been drooling about for ages. The times I have seen it, (from hundreds of meters above) it has sent a tingling sensation down my spine. Well yesterday I got to fish it!

I knew I could get down to the river below the beat but was a little concerned about getting back out. John and I had a plan and were in radio contact for most of the time. All I had to do was memorize, (from above) the stretch of water I had been drooling about for so long. Once I got there I needed to find a track up the hill to were John was ready with the Quads.

dscf2247_final.JPGAs soon as I dropped into the water I had to get back out and go up and over a small hill. The water was far to deep to wade upstream! In the first run that I came to I hooked a huge Trout of unknown proportions, I had been stripping in line from casting up into the head of the run and had twenty odd feet of line in the water. When the Trout took, my indicator was very close to me. In the one screaming out of control run that it did, I had all the retrieved line taken out, zinging through the water. As the line came up HARD on the reel, a loop went around the butt and snapped my 6 pound fluro like cotton! This is the second time in two weeks this has happened to me on good running fish, I will try for not to happen again!

I had my brother in law with me yesterday and he was surprised by how quick we had hooked up.

dscf2249_final.JPGThis section of the river is set in a deep gorge and although there was reasonable rock access on the sides, it was by far the hardest section I have fished on this river. Because of the terrain it means not all anglers will be able to fish this beat. It is heavy water and once in you get in you can’t get out, unless you turn back or push forward.

The fishing is out of this world. I was so under powered with my five weight that I actually gave up fishing and just walked the river. I was smashed by fish left right and center. This section obviously does not get any attention and there are some monsters lurking in the deep fast water. It is a bouldery section and has an excellent mix of rainbows and Brown Trout. There are no photos of trout today because I didn’t land any!!

Next time I’ll take my 7 weight in there to even up the score.

Regards Shane