Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 19th Of February 2009

Shane French /

February 19, 2009

Hey All,

Now how do I get to it!!

Now how do I get to it!!

Great fishing at the moment in the Waitahanui, and the Tongariro. I haven’t heard or fished the Hine or the TT but I would say there are plenty of trout in there as well. Andrew Christmas is having a ball guiding on the Tongariro and if I am not available to guide I would fully recommend him, he is a freak of nature on this large river!!

Now to a more serious nature.

Ross from the Tongariro River Motel has got his panties in a knot over a comment from a Wellingtonian angler stating that the Rotorua fishery is thriving and in better shape than the Taupo fishery. I received a few emails yesterday and today from readers prompting me to have a crack at him over his”” throwing the toys from the pram”” behaviour.

The thing is Ross is the most passionate man I know when it comes to the Tonagriro and the Turangi district in general. In fact Turangi should appoint the old wrinkly bugger as Mayor. His love of the river and surrounding countryside can be seen from his excellent reports and photography.

My oppinion on the matter of  Taupo V’s Rotorua is this.

trout-dscn0064They are both totaly unique in their fishery. Taupo is self a sufficient fishery therefore when a problem occurs in the system, in general it has to fix itself. We have experienced this over the past three years. I know many anglers have left the Taupo fishery hunting out new grounds where the fish are bigger and better. Good on ya, and I mean it. You pay a licence fee and expect to be able to catch good conditioned trout, Taupo has failed to produce this over the past few seasons. It will bounce back though and all the signs are there for a better winter season this year.

The Rotorua fishery is feed by trapped large fish being milked and their off spring being released back to grow huge very quickly. It has worked for them and good on them. I have always enjoyed fishing the Rotorua lakes as there are some truly huge Rainbows and Brown Trout in there. When these stream mouths go off,  it is apparently like nothing you have EVER seen, I think that was the point Steve was trying to make. From what I saw of it this week it is in excellent health.

So which is better?



Neither in my humble opinion, they both produce Trout in excellent numbers and the scenery can at times be soul cleansing, first thing in the morning is a special time on any piece of water. I never want to compare fisheries I just want to fish them and enjoy doing it. What I will comment on is this. Taupo Trout, by far taste better than any Rotorua fish I have ever cooked! Sorry Steve…….. and Ross, relax buddy think of the blood pressure!

Regards Shane