Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Report For The 19th of March 2008

Shane French /

March 19, 2008

Hey all,

Another great day at the lodgeOk I no I should put more reports on but I don’t want to be saying the same thing day after day and as I don’t lie in my reports I am sort of waiting for something new to come up for me to report on.

A good fresh fish from the TTThe last couple of days has seen me guiding on the Tauranga Taupo. As I have mentioned before every time I drive past this river on my way to Turangi, the car park is empty. I have found that this river is full of fish, some of them in VERY good condition. Take your time, approach the water quietly, use long leaders as not to line the fish, tiny indicators or a dry fly,(good option) and a size 16 Flash back should see you hooked up. Target the deeper faster water as well. I walked all the way up to Ladies Mile yesterday, 28deg heat, and we had a blast, landing fifteen or so nice fish. Some of them had been in the water a little bit but they all pulled hard and made big splashes. My Swedish client was beside himself with joy. This is the best part, we had the whole river to ourselves, all day!!!!

Another huge Brown in the WaitahanuiThe Waitahanui had a fantastic run of Rainbows go through about ten days ago and they are now spread throughout the upper section. Some of these Trout were in fantastic condition and would have beaten anything from last year by a country mile. Again the Flash back Pheasant Tail did the trick but I teamed this up with a Hot Wired Prince from Feather Merchants in Gun metal Blue. This combination really did the trick on this river. I lost a great Brown on the bank early in the week after a terrific battle and being walked two hundred meters down some fairly scary water. I am only guessing at this but I would say it went 11 to 12 pounds, the hook pulled as I was stretching forward to try and fit it into the net. I have to say the 6 pound fluro from feather merchants, (Deceiver) stood up to the challenge brilliantly.

Three pounds of fun from the HineIf you want a river to play around in and have a heap of fun with some smaller fish while still hooking the occasional good fish, then the Hinemaiaia is the place for you. I took a client in there late last week who just wanted to catch trout and did not care about size. He had a great cast on him and wanted to use his 4 weight rod. Over the four hours we were on there he must have hooked up on at least ………. I have no idea LOTS though!!! He landed a fantastic fat bullet of a fish that would have gone three and a half pounds but DRAGGED us downstream for at least 100 meters before I pounced on it with the net. This was the best day out I have ever had guiding. It seemed every couple of minutes the dry fly was being snatched at or the dropper being gobbled, and lets face it the Hinemaiaia is just picture perfect for a river.

dscf1689.JPGThe Tongariro is really the only systemĂ‚ I haven’t thrashed of late. Every time I go there the angling pressure is high and I do try and stay away from that. I believe it is still fishing well and there are some excellent fresh rainbows to be pulled from it. The report from Tongariro river motel,( see links page) has a very in depth report on it. I watched a very nice Trout being landed by the plank pool on Sunday.

The pressure at the Waitahanui rip is insane!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe there are fish managing to get through into the river. All day from 5.00 am through till midnight there are cars parked there with up to 13 anglers at a time jostling for position. From that I gather it is fishing well.

dscf2019.JPGI am about to have a week guiding back country and am also going to drag out my good friend Brett from CPF guiding. We have a river on the must do list and so this is the week, it is a Big Brown reputed river and I can’t wait.

So untill next time, take care out there, I hope you all have a safe and very fishy Easter, please feel free to drop by the shop and say hello.